Kelly Sue


Kelly Sue started out as an actor, spending more than 10 years training, auditioning, and working in Los Angeles. It didn’t take much longer than that for her to realize that her favorite thing about acting was breaking down a script. She tossed out her headshots and walked right into the Television Writing program at UCLA. She finished up her first course and it was right around then that she received a call from her good friend and former co-worker, Casey… 

His wife and their dear friend were developing a comic book and needed a writer, was she interested?

That wife was Lynly, that friend was Lisa, and, yes, Kelly Sue was interested. 


Sign: Taurus

Dragon Kitty of Choice: Stinker

Hex Character Doppleganger: Booth

Go-to Karaoke song:



Question 1: What’s your favorite book?

My all-time favorite book is definitely Lolita. I get weird reactions to that but every time I’ve read it I have noticed something new, the writing is gorgeous, and it tackles some of the most taboo, yet human, themes in a way that has you identifying with characters who are incredibly different from you.

After that, my favorite comic book is the Killing Joke and My favorite comic series is Saga, I know, not totally original but awesome is awesome, so...

Question 2: Who are your biggest artistic influences?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, David Lynch, Tim Burton, Amy Poehler, Tig Notaro, Elizabeth Meriweather, Lizzo