HEX11 is the epic story of a future where magic has been discovered as a new technology. Elanor, a young witch-in-training, navigates the urban underworld known as the Hex; facing corporate conspiracies, demon mercenaries, black market magic dealers, and extra-dimensional body snatchers, all while trying to complete her apprenticeship to an eccentric oracle named Vera.


HEX11 is everything that's great about indie comics. The story is engaging. The art is amazing. This is one of my favorite titles currently being produced.” 

David F. Walker, writer of Bitter Root

 "HEX11 is hands-down one of my favorite comics out there. Its tight storytelling and deftly deployed cliffhangers keep me engaged and wanting the next issue as soon as I’m done with the current one, and the animated, glowing art carries you seamlessly from one story beat to the next." 

Kara Szamborski, The Mary Sue

"It’s downright electrifying to read a comic so well produced that’s also got a new, innovative idea and fresh, atmospheric art, too." 

Caitlin Rosberg, The AV Club

“Holy moly this was the best discovery I could have made!  My mind happily devoured HEX11. It was so enjoyable and had everything I loved in a comic: magic, quirky characters, possible romance, demons, and flying dragon cats.”


“As high as my expectations were, they were all exceeded. The book is beautiful to look at, and the story is completely compelling.”

Jace Milam, The Comic Source


The Dragonning


Within the magic-infused world of HEX11, a lab “accident” led to the creation of the Dragon Kitties. Now these adorable little scamps roam the streets of the Hex in droves, being sweet and mischievous and setting fire to the furniture of those brave enough to take them in. Sure, they can be a lot to handle, but we know this much: They’re worth it!



HexComix is a Los Angeles-based comic book label. We are proud to be a 100% independent operation, changing the world through creative ideas and compelling characters.

Nominees of the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity, HexComix is devoted to showcasing non-traditional voices and telling unique stories.

Our premiere title, HEX11, is an ongoing sci-fi/fantasy series created and illustrated by Lisa K. Weber, written by Kelly Sue Milano, and produced/edited by Lynly Forrest. 

Meet the Ladies Hex: