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Aries Full Moon

As the shine of this moon lights up the sky, ask yourself what you’re ready to begin. Are you ready for conscious partnership? Are you ready to really pursue your creative dreams? Are you ready to take the leap? Use this time to get really clear about what you’re stepping into, the clearer you are about where you’re headed the easier it will be to pack.

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Sowing the Seeds of Love - New Moon in Libra

Astrologically speaking, a new moon is a totally clean slate. A new beginning. The sky goes completely dark and the ocean tides are at their lowest. It’s a time for rest and renewal, an opportunity to plant new seeds of inspiration and spend the next lunar cycle tending to them. When we get a fresh start in the energy of Libra, we’re dealing with all things relationship, balance, and justice. So what does this look like for our day-to-day?

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