Sowing the Seeds of Love - New Moon in Libra


Not only a fantastic Tears for Fears song, this is also what we’ll be doing as we welcome today’s New Moon in Libra. 


Astrologically speaking, a new moon is a totally clean slate. A new beginning. The sky goes completely dark and the ocean tides are at their lowest. It’s a time for rest and renewal, an opportunity to plant new seeds of inspiration and spend the next lunar cycle tending to them. When we get a fresh start in the energy of Libra, we’re dealing with all things relationship, balance, and justice. So what does this look like for our day-to-day?

This could mean finally making a decision about something that you have been long-conflicted about. It could mean bringing your life into a balance in a new way; if you’ve been working too much, you’ll set your sights on time at home. Conversely, if things have been snoozy in the realm of work, you’re about to get out of the house and into the office/studio/laboratory. A new moon in Libra can also signify a resolution to anything that has been left undone, unfinished, unspoken. 


I rarely like to make things political, but it’s no surprise that a head of state would accidentally sell himself out during the season of Libra. This sign is represented by the Scales of Justice and no matter which side of the aisle anyone is sitting on, those scales will do what is necessary to bring harmony back to the forefront.

You can expect this in your life too. 

Remember though, New Moons are not about action. They’re about reflection. As the sky goes figuratively dark, ask yourself where you need balance and what or who you need to snuff out in order to get it. What habits are impeding your growth? You know what they are. What relationships do you see yourselves growing in and which ones do you know are ready to go? Take inventory of the scales in your life.

Are the scales of Relationship + Solitude balanced? Maybe you need to make more time for yourself. Maybe you need to spend more time with your significant other, your besties, or your family.

What about Work + Home? Which side is heavier? How can you balance those out?

What about Money In + Money Out? If these are too heavily out of harmony, where can you cut corners and how can you boost reserves?

Libra may be the sign of the relationships but the work, no matter what, is a solo enterprise. Spend this New Moon coming into balance with yourself, your vision, and your ambition. Plant the seeds for what you would like to harvest come the Full Moon and once you’ve sown those seeds, get to work leveling your scales with love. 




image credit: @camillechew