Big Saturn ENERGY


Yesterday, after six long months, Saturn finally stationed direct. 

I figured it was the perfect time to begin the HexComix blog, especially because the three of us and our mighty business have been under a bit of construction for about that amount of time. (Another post on that coming soon…)

As you have probably noticed, the Ladies Hex are avid observers of the stars, their movements, and what they’re eternal conversation with each other means for us earthbound beings. If the last six months have felt sticky, tangled, challenging, or altogether sluggish Saturn’s retrograde is the reason. 


I always say that Saturn is the CEO of the zodiac, it rules the #bossbabe sign of Capricorn, and it deals in all things structure. It is the masculine essence of the sky which means when it slows down, it’s serving us big lessons whether we want them or not. Plans that were moving swiftly and smoothly will come to a grinding halt, the motivation you felt in your career and outward expressions will give way to an impenetrable procrastination, the to-do list is covered in cobwebs, and everything that once felt sparkly and determined is just… meh. Sounding familiar?

When the outside world isn’t looking the way we want it to and when plans aren’t going the way we want them to, we become different people. Our shadows, skeletons, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and insecurities all rise to the surface. Who are we when we aren’t producing? Who are we when we aren’t moving quickly? Who are we when work slows down, opportunity dries up, and inspiration evaporates? Saturn may be the ultimate taskmaster and King of Career, but it wouldn’t be the leader it is if it didn’t understand that the person behind the doing is what makes the finished product worthy at all. 

It is an enormous gift to be given time to look under our hood and see what it is truly running us. Where is our consciousness while we are creating? What belief is behind our striving? Are our goals forged in our hearts? Or in our fears? Are our dreams in service of what others will think of us once we’ve achieved them? Or are we following dreams that make us feel like our truest selves?

These are the most important questions that we can answer and as Saturn stations direct we get to see where we were aligned and where we need to refocus. Our creations are only as good as the energy we put into them. As life begins moving forward again take what you’ve learned during this celestial pause and apply it along the way. 


The world needs your unique imprint, your cosmic gift, and the destiny that is coded inside of you will never lead you astray. Create from that space and you will be awestruck at how the universe rises to meet you. 


image credit: @paulfuentes_design