Libra: A Rose-Colored Reality Check


Today marks the beginning of Libra season and the Autumnal Equinox. It’s no accident that the day that is light and dark in equal measure is also the moment that we welcome the zodiac sign dedicated to balance. Libra is nothing if not a warrior of harmony. 


In the Hebrew calendar, the first moon of Libra signifies Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of a new year. It comes on the heels of Virgo, a season that is all about meticulousness, accountability, and perfection. The work we do during Virgo is seen to help us begin the season of beauty with a clean slate. In the wisdom of Kabbalah, the season of Libra is when we are given not only brand new desires but space in our lives for those new desires to manifest. 

Which means it’s time to let go, rebalance, and get clear about what it is we truly want. 


Desire is a loaded word in our culture. It is wrongly associated with hedonism, selfishness, greed, sexuality; something one becomes intoxicated with. While these are aspects of desire they are far from the full picture. Desire is the reason any of us are here in the first place. Every single thing we have loved began as a desire. The Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, Spiderman, Classic Rock, the Civil Rights Movement, Brad Pitt—all of these things exist because someone desired them. Your desires are important. They are, quite literally, what fill the world with beauty. Does that help you to feel proud of your desire?

I hope so. 


HexComix is first and foremost a place for stories to be told. We are passionate about giving voice to those who have a harder time getting heard. Our desire is to uplift the marginalized storyteller. Yet, time after time we meet artists who are embarrassed to share their ideas, the vulnerability required to speak a desire out loud is great and for some, overwhelming. And that’s okay, so long as you can speak it to yourself proudly. And there’s no better time to start. So…

What do you deeply desire? What do you want to make manifest in your life?

Once that is identified you can get to work clearing the way for it. The energy of Libra is here to help you by first supporting the distillation of your vision and helping you make room for it. 


If you’re overextending yourself for others, Libra is going to help you balance that energy out so you can give to yourself. If you’re desiring from a place of wanting validation or approval, Libra is going to help refocus your gaze to include your heart. If you’re exhausted, Libra is going to help clear your schedule for rest. The hitch is: you can go willingly or you can get dragged. You can make time each day for rest and reflection or can be taken down by a cold. You can say no to projects that don’t light you up or you can be let go from them. Beauty and balance are yours this month but so is the responsibility to bring them about.

Name your desires today and be proactive about what needs to go in order for them to arrive. Take time to balance your day between input and output, to balance your relationships so that giving and receiving are equal in measure. Then notice where you are challenged. Where is giving difficult for you? Where do you struggle to receive?


Libra is a sign of duality. The light and dark, positive and negative, desire and fulfillment. This means the lessons will be twofold: where do you need to grow and what do you need to allow in order to do the growing?

Happy Equinox, darlings. 



image credit: @mysticmamma