The hero of HEX11 is a young witch-in-training who keeps her head on a swivel and her boobs in her shirt. She also wears cool pants.

 When our hero Elanor stumbles upon a firefight in a Hex alleyway, she accidentally binds the powers of Osrick, a hot and haughty demon mercenary. Not only does she now own this wayward demon she also learns she’s far more inherently powerful than she realized. Naive, driven by a strong sense of justice, and harboring a bit of an anger management problem, she tends to insert herself into conflict before really understanding the full scope of the situation.

When she’s not fending off corporate assassins, black market magic dealers, and extra-dimensional body snatchers, she’s trying to complete her apprenticeship to Vera, an eccentric oracle.

Sign: Libra

Dragon Kitty of Choice: Snoozer

Go-to Karaoke song: