Agnes is an Ephemera. In the world of HEX11 this means she can act as a bridge between the Verge and the Meat World. 

 Omega had her using her abilities to wrangle demons and offer them employment as mercenaries for Pyrian’s overlords. This may sound intense but Agnes treats her demon recruits like family and genuinely cares for them.

 To paraphrase Shakespeare, she may be small, but she is mighty. Don’t let the kid persona fool you, she’s a lot older than she looks. She curses, travels with a giant demon dog, and her energetic signature is butterflies that CUT.

 As Osrick’s handler, she protects him when she can and reads him the Riot Act him when he screws up. 

Sign: Capricorn

Dragon Kitty of Choice: Cupcake

Go-to Karaoke song: